Shimokitazawa -


Yet another interesting neighbourhood near my place

Shimokitazawa may not look like much in the day, in fact, shopping streets like this are quite a common sight throughout Tokyo.

Parking my bike to get on the train to head to Shinjuku.

The number of CD shops here are unusually dense, with rock music playing through the speakers lining the streets, and I spot quite a few recording studios too. Looks like the rumours I’ve heard about this place are pretty accurate!

Train tracks of the Keio Inokashira Line cut through the town, and at night this place is transformed.

Shimokitazawa is a hotspot for budding musicians and there are many bars, pubs, and underground live houses here. Many artists who started in live houses here have gotten famous, miwa is among them! (read about her latest single release here)

She used to perform here while in high school…

The fashion here is pretty unique (ok bad picture, should’ve taken more), and knowing that this is the place where musicians are born just made me feel like everyone walking by me was some famous person. I was on a permanent look out for artists I might recognise…

The streets are really confusing and intersect everywhere, I spent a couple of hours there and still don’t have this tiny neighbourhood figured out.

Just to share the atmosphere of the streets.

Dinner at Goemon, a popular spaghetti place.

Clam chowder spaghetti noms.

I’ve seen Shimokitazawa mentioned quite a few times on HoneyBee Management (YUI’s artist management). Recently they’ve been getting their upcoming artists to perform at Shimokitazawa Mosaic and Shimokitazawa SHELTER.

I didn’t find SHELTER but this is Mosaic. Will try to make it for some of the Live performances here!! xD

This place definitely deserves more photos so hopefully I’ll have time to visit again and write more~